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3 Reasons Why Vegans Love Indian Food

Among the greatest cuisines in the world, Indian food ranks consistently among the top choices for vegans. It’s been said that no other cuisine offers the kind of selection that Indian food does when it comes to vegan/vegetarian dishes. You will find more information on this website:


Here in Australia, there is a popular Indian restaurant named “Indian Rogan Josh” where vegans can have their pick of delicious dishes. It’s not limited to Australia, though, because vegans all across the world just love Indian food, and here’s why:


1. The selection is diverse


It is estimated that around 40% of Indians are vegetarians or vegans, which means the cuisine has adapted to accommodate them. The entire country is loaded with a plethora of culinary selections to satisfy almost any palate. When you’re in India, going vegan does not mean you’d have to suffer picking through a menu with only a handful of dishes to select from.


Dining establishments that specialize in Indian dishes typically feature a lot of vegetarian/vegan dishes on their menus. However, this is not just because they want to attract vegan customers, but also because Indian cuisine just has a lot of gastronomic options that would naturally appeal to vegans, and an Indian food menu without vegan options would be incomplete.


2. Vegan dishes from India are healthy and delicious


Being a vegan in India allows you to savour tasty, flavorful dishes that you will want to enjoy again and again. To add to that, Indian food is also healthier than a lot of other cuisines. If you don’t know it yet, Indian food is prepared using a liberal amount of herbs and spices. Cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric are among those that are known to be loaded with medicinal compounds that have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, plus they are rich in anti-oxidants.


Well, guess what? Cinnamon, ginger, and turmeric are also among the most-used spices in Indian food. As a matter of fact, they are actually essential in preparing a lot of the best-tasting dishes like curries, masala, and several other vegetable and rice dishes. Have you ever tried paneer makhani, aloo gobi masala, or Shabnam? These are just a few of the excellent dishes available for vegans that are both healthy and delicious. It is simply wonderful being a vegan if you have the opportunity to experience Indian food.


3. It’s generally cheaper than other dishes


Almost every major city in the world has an Indian restaurant or two, and locals usually find the food there to be more affordable than others. A good Indian restaurant can even offer their guests a delicious, exquisite thali made up of several hand-picked Indian dishes and it will still cost less than its equivalent in other restaurants. The low cost is a big reason why Indian food is among the bestsellers when it comes to takeouts.


Of course, if you actually live in India, the expense will even be lesser. You can take your guests for lunch in the best restaurant in India and it will only cost you around $10.


If you’re in Victoria and you want to experience what Indian vegan dishes can do for you, visit the website for location and contact details. You can also take a look at their menu and see if they have any specials at the moment.