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Getting a Dog Walking Job in Brisbane and What You Should Know

As of 2018, over 24 million pets are noted throughout Australia. Dogs, for that matter, are noted as the most common pet with over 38 per cent of households owning one. That is about 4.8 million dogs or 20 dogs for every 100 individuals. Hence, getting the dog walking job Brisbane has been offering is a great way to earn extra on top of your current income.

If you are looking for ways to supplement either your college education or lifestyle, pet sitting and walking will help you with earning an incentive whilst enjoying the company of cuddly animals. However, being a professional dog walker is a huge responsibility.

A Solution to Most Pet Owners’ Problem…

Pet obesity is a serious problem that has plagued pet owners across the Australian continent. Because of the lack of exercise and proper diet, 40 per cent of dogs end up being at risk for heart diseases and diabetes. With the prevalence of obese canines is the rise in pet insurance costs.

Imagine if you get the dog walking job Brisbane has been preferring. You will be offering worried pet owners a practical solution to this serious health issue whilst earning on the side. Furthermore, you get to support local causes and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals or RSPCA.

What Does It take to Be A Professional Dog Walker…?

Dog walkers Gold Coast prefers do not have stringent job requirements. You do not have to be a dog whisperer like the late Cesar Millan. Although that would help a lot, you just have to be, at least, familiar with a lot of canine breeds. Particularly the most popular ones such as the Poodle, Border collie, Golden Retriever, and German shepherd.

Likewise, be familiar with varying temperaments and learn how to deal with bad behaviour. Furthermore, you have to be prepared as dogs walking jobs are physically daunting and demanding. You also have to love the outdoors and should have gear ready for walking the park.

Ultimately, you just need to be caring, friendly, and trustworthy. Since you are handling dogs, you sure will be in a whirlwind of experiences. So be ready.

How to be equipped…?

As dog walkers, you are responsible for not just taking dogs on their usual walking routes. You also need to feed them whilst their owners are away. Furthermore, you have to be educated and trained by animal service professionals. These will ensure that you are ready to take on the dog walking job Brisbane has been offering.

  1. Receive adequate training and certification

Under animal welfare organisations and businesses such as Spot the Dog Walker, you will receive on-the-job training for entry-level or volunteer positions. Through dog handling training and certification, you will learn how to control leashed dogs safely, feed them and even properly dispose of their waste. Furthermore, you also get to be trained in Basic Pet First Aid.

  1. Have a Licence in Driving

Since you will be taking a job that requires you to move around Brisbane. You must have a professional driver’s licence handy. Make sure that it is state issued and current.

  1. Be physically fit

Practice on your cardio exercises as you will need this once you handle pups. Since you will need to run around and walk a lot, getting in good shape will keep you from running out of breath.

The dog walking job Sydney and Brisbane has been offering are great for those who adore animals. However, you also need to take heed of the abovementioned to ensure that you are equipped to take on this challenging yet enjoyable job. For more information, visit their website at: